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The Concert Scene
john mayer 
8th-Jul-2008 04:55 pm
it's me., aw shucks

John Mayer
Molson Amphitheatre
Toronto, Ontario

last night I went (very last minute!) to see john mayer at the molson amphitheatre (his only canadian stop on the tour) with my friend heather. the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor show; it was about 40 with the humidity but cooled down to about 30 when the sun went down. heather and I were at a lunch together on saturday and she said she could get her hands on a pair of tickets for the monday show so I said I'd love to! the show was awesome, john blows my mind every time I see him live.

I met with heather at union station at 6.15 and we streetcared it to the cne, got in, got our seats (we were section 203, it wasn't too far from the stage..the poor people back on the lawns were reeeeally far back..john joked that "you know you're far back when I ask a question and it takes three seconds to get there").


the first support act was already on stage when we got to our seats..he was ok, a guy called brett dennen (his song, the one who loves you the most, is used for rogers commercials) was on..he played for probably half an hour or so.

after that colbie caillat came on..I'm not really a fan of hers either, after the first 3 minutes everything kind of sounded really samey. she did a couple of her singles (apparently) and some other tracks.

they set the stage up for john and he came on with a bunch of people; they had two guitars on top of john, a bass, drums, keyboard and a horn section comprised of trumpets, saxes etc. it was really nice and added a cool new dimension to his live show. I can't really even explain how fun it is to see john in concert, he's amazingly talented and I love his music so it's always a great time. the set list (in order!):

waiting on the world to change
bigger than my body
ain't nobody's business (he improvised lyrics on this one, it was funny)
no such thing / why georgia (he connected the two, it was a really cool transition)

encore (all acoustic until say):
in your atmosphere (LA song [this was voted by the people on the website..every tour date gets to vote for an encore song]) / something's missing / every time you go away / never tear us apart
free falling (amazing!! john and his two other guitarists did three part harmonies on it, it was beautiful)

he did such a great job, he brings so much energy into his shows and he's SO. TALENTED. he's got a real knack for jazz and blues and improv. it's great to watch him on the guitar. he made a crack about him peeing on people and other jokes that had me chuckling..he was saying "it must be SO hard to be a celebrity in hollywood these days without being talented.." and the people behind us went "YOU'RE DATING ONE!" ohburn.

after the show was done, heather and I made our way out of ontario place (what took us 15 minutes to get in took 45 minutes to get out) and to the ttc..there were SO many people, we were shuffling along being herded like cattle. otherwise, john mayer = success
9th-Jul-2008 12:25 am (UTC)
i am so so so so jealous of that set list. he played three of my top five favorite songs.
9th-Jul-2008 01:55 am (UTC)
it was a great set list! I enjoyed every minute of it!
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