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The Concert Scene
27th-Jul-2008 05:38 pm
it's me., aw shucks

91.5 The Beat Rocks the Block
Kitchener, Ontario

best night ever! mandi and I trekked out to kitchener to see sloan play another free gig and it was definitely worth the journey. photos and video under the jump

so mandi was teaching a dance lesson at a wedding so I picked her up at 7.30 and we were supposed to also pick up robbie butcher and potentially his brother chris. we waited for like 25 minutes and sadly neither of them showed up to the pick up point and we were kind of pressed for time as we had to drive out to kitchener (google maps said it would take us about an hour and 15 to get there) and the guys were slated to hit the stage at 9. so we hopped on the highway just the two of us and booted it down to kitchener. I think we broke a record cos we made it there in about 45 minutes. we found parking (good time #1, there was a couple leaving and they gave us their parking pass so we didn't have to pay!) then we got the necessities and headed down to the concert venue. it looked like there was a ton of people there, it was an outdoor thing that had started at 1 in the afternoon so I wasn't really sure we'd get anywhere near the front. mandi's a great woozler though and we got up to the second row or so right around 9pm. we only had to wait like 10 minutes before the guys came on. we tried starting up a good, old fashioned sloan chant, but the poor people of kitchener didn't know how it went and instead opted for a quick "sloan! sloan! sloan! sloan!" rather than the traditional "sllooooo-oooannnnnnnn!"

the people around us weren't so into the band..I think everyone near mandi and I thought we were these bonkers sloan fans from toronto but we had a great time. I was really happy to see a huge crowd out for this, I think it made the guys feel a lot better after wednesday's show. overall, the fine people of kitchener were very well behaved, no drunken shenanigans, I only got smacked once by someone trying to start a pit and he was promptly taken care of. mandi and I rocked out pretty hard. several times we did the sloan chant and the crowd was a bit daft and just reverted back to "SLOAN! SLOAN! SLOAN! SLOAN!" (in fact, when patrick came out for the encore he said "I appreciate, well, we really appreciate the sloan chanting going on, but you're doing the wrong one" and he led the crowd in a proper chant.) chris was in good spirits and was rockin out..he gave mandi and I a bass tip and a nod, I think he was happy to see us there. they played a similar set to wednesday with a couple additions..here are the tunes, not in order but I think I've got most of them:

losing california
burn for it
believe in me
ill placed trust
everything you've done wrong
money city maniacs
the good in everyone
I'm not a kid anymore
coax me
the other man
the rest of my life
ready for you (video at the bottom)
she says what she means
emergency 911
sensory deprivation
I caan't sleep
living with the masses
people of the sky
the lines you amend
who taught you to live like that
take good care of the poor boy

the weather was perfect, I had room to groove, I was with one of my best friends, it was good times. during the encore mandi and I managed to get up to the barricades

the last song they did was she says what she means. it was one of the best SSWSM I've ever seen. it began with the murph in a rock star pose on the grass (yeah..the stage was kind of up this grassy hill, the opposite of what you'd expect at a show with a stage..chris and patrick were joking about that time they played in the amphitheatre in greece and it was set up the same way)..then they started it and chris did a backwards summersault down the hill, mic in hand. he strutted around and hopped on the amps, near the end he came up to mandi and I and we were both kind of nervous that he'd give us the mic and make us sing but instead he gave me a kiss and then gave mandi a kiss which was a highlight of the night for sure, it was really sweet of him. a kiss from the murph in front of hundreds of people during my favourite sloan song. it doesn't get much better :)

this was about three seconds before he gave mandi and me a kiss

mandi and I were really glad the guys knew we were there, it was nice. we stuck around afterwards but kind of got politely asked to leave so we meandered back to our car and tucked into some post-concert snacks

there was this car full of sketched out kitchenerites who tried to take a picture for us, then we made the drive back to toronto..on the way we passed this truck full of racing pigeons (?) and it almost turned into a horror movie cos it was a rickety old pick up truck and it was flashing its high beams at us..anyways, we made it back into town in about an hour. a very very successful sloaning evening indeed!
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