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The Concert Scene
sloan and grady 
27th-Jul-2008 05:37 pm
it's me., aw shucks

BMO Field
Toronto, Ontario

so last night was a sloan show. it was kind of a disaster.

I finished work, grabbed a sandwich (work people didn't let me have a lunch so I was kinda hungry and I knew I wouldn't have a proper dinner so this functioned as all three meals [sidenote: I saw those two black gothamopotamuses in subway, you know which) and hopped on the streetcar to meet up with rob zaino and mandi at the cne. I got there at like 5.20 (the show was slated to start at 7.30 so we thought we'd get there early to get barricades). we show up to the beer garden and the crack security team of idiots they hired hassled us for like 20 minutes. the show was listed as all ages and there was even a sign on the fence where they were standing that said so yet they weren't gonna let rob in cos he's 18. then they started giving mandi a hard time because her health card wasn't valid enough a piece of ID (no offence to mandi, but she doesn't look like she's 19..she was even like "come on guys, I'm 30 years old and have been doing this for a long time, give me a break") so after getting their manager involved, it turned out we were right and that it was an all ages show. so we got in and there weren't many people there. we pulled up some patio furniture and sat at the barricades for a while and snacked. they started playing really random trance music that was pretty loud and weird. anyways, it was pretty much a ghost town, there were maybe 30 people there (they had this huge outdoor area set up and it was unbelievably sparse)..the event was really poorly advertised and it was at the ex on a day when nothing was going on (tuesday was TFC v montreal and then thursday is the MLS all star game..why they put sloan on a day when nothing was going on is beyond me) and it was at the ex, which you pretty much have to be on a specific mission to be at, it's not like you'd just pass it by walking somewhere else and go "oh look, sloan's playing". anyways.

the first act was grady (you may remember gordie johnson from such acts as big sugar..and the lady drummer from made)..they were..strange? I dunno, not really my bag. it was like..southern country cock rock? but with a lady on drums? they were in cowboy hats and had drawls, it was all very strange. I dunno. they're from austin texas and sounded like it. I felt terrible cos there was like NO ONE around..the one guy who looked like he was a fan left after a few songs. gordy and their bassist did this funny zz-top swaying deal during one of their songs which was kinda hilarious. they did a big sugar cover (diggin a hole), can you cover your own material? what? that was good but kind of had my mind warped seeing gordy johnson do his own song but with a different band. and he speaks with a southern drawl now? what's that all about? boy was born and raised in alberta.

they played about 30 minutes or so and then cleared the stage for sloan. allegra and kevin showed up at the end of their set and so did the two japanese girls who've been coming to shows lately. we also saw will currie and the trews (wtf trews?)

the guys came on after like half an hour and there still weren't that many people around. I caught greg doing a head count during the gig and when we chatted with him after the show and he said there were about 125 people in the crowd. was this really really drunk wasted kid who showed up with his drunk friend (they both looked like they were like 15) and was a bother (though it was really weird; they knew all of sloan's songs and the lyrics and were shouting for obscure songs the entire night..usually when really drunk people show up to a gig they're just there to be a nuisance)..they tried making friends with rob, who was really stoned but really composed (he'd had a "special peanut butter cookie" earlier). he was saying "man I hate drunk people. they're like those mexican chihuahuas you want to kick but feel sorry cos they're so stupid" matthew was there as well. by the time sloan hit the stage there was about 30 people standing in the audience with the majority of people sitting down kind of far away. in theory, this should have been a great show; the set list was fantastic, the weather was good, they worked out the kinks in the sound system after a few songs etc etc. during everything you've done wrong, mandi and I attempted to lindy hop a bit but it was kinda tough cos we were standing on a cable cover and there were puddles everywhere. the drunk kids next to me were screaming the entire night for sinking ships. he was shouting in really slurred speach "COME ON CHRIS! PLAY SINKING SHIPS! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! JUST PLAY THAT SHIT, MAN!" the entire night. he also said "PATRICK! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU DON'T PLAY LINES YOU AMEND!" (nevermind that it's a jay song..) so andrew got up on guitar and said "this one's called sinking ships" and then launched into living with the masses lol..then before the next song chris started with "you take control of having what you want around you..1 2 3 4!" and then launched into hfxnshc, the drunk kid next to me almost lost it. he hopped over the barricade a couple times to retrieve his sunglasses (they had hired police and security..where were they? who knows.) then there was this older guy maybe close to 30 who really loudly said "OK EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!" and then it went completely silent and he didn't bother saying anything. he later shouted "THIS CHARMING MAN!" and I laughed pretty hard, it'd be incredz to see sloan do a smiths cover! the set list looked like this (though not in order, this is mandi's doing cos I am absolutely rubbish at remembering these kinds of things):

Losing California
Ready For You
Witch's Wand
I'm Not A Kid Anymore
Burn For It
Emergency 911
People of the Sky
Coax Me
Believe In Me
Rest Of My Life
Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy
Living With the Masses
Ill Placed Trust
Who Taught You To Live Like That
Everything You've Done Wrong
Lines You Amend
Good In Everyone
Money City Maniacs

for the encore, before they started lines you amend, patrick was like "well I guess we'd better do this one or else that kid's gonna kick my ass" (sidenote: patrick was sporting a new haircut and a hat, he looked very smart..I think chris just had his bangs cut but he had a serious case of helmet hair) it was finished by about 10.15 or so..after the gig the guys split toute suite. chris was on his bike going home by the time we got out and jay was gone (I feel bad..jay was saying to me how they keep having this string of weird free shows that never go well..at least they're getting paid)..in a strange turn of events, patrick and andrew were randomly still around and rob had a chat and said patrick was really friendly. we bid greg adieu and streetcarred it home. saturday: kitchener.
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