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The Concert Scene
11th-Jun-2008 02:04 am
it's me., aw shucks

Tattoo Rock Parlour
Toronto, Ontario

sloan! record launch! at the orange lounge! good times had by all.

I got to the tattoo rock parlour around 5ish to pick up my pass (the passes were really flash, like laminated and on lanyards..so fancy) and saw greg and andrew hanging out outside so I said hi and waited for mandi to meet me. she and phil (bourassa, he's a lindy hopper) brought along two michaels to the show as well. we chilled at the door and saw mike (nelson) and chris (who came up and said "so do I get a big punch in the face now?" because he'd just had an article published in the national post wherein he pretty much slammed everyone possible..funnier still is that edwin is a bartender at tattoo now, hopefully he didn't hear about the article haha) then robbie and his brother chris showed up (right behind someone who parked their hearse in front of the gig, it was fantastic)..the passes for this gig had a promo photo of sloan on them that chris butcher took which was really cool! we hung out some more, got harassed by the meanest doorman I've ever met (he was really, really angry and was huge, like michael clark duncan). allergra and kevin showed up as well as beth. I'm still pretty sick, but sloaning is a good way to keep my mind off of it haha.

we got in and got up front (instead of your typical barricades, they had this really cute cemetery fence which I loved and that was about the only thing I loved about the place..it was really obnoxious and pretentious, like it was trying realllly hard to be cool), the first band on was will currie and the country french who sadly only played about 4 songs. the concert was filmed and broadcast live onto the internet (apparently there'll be archived footage available at the orange lounge website). WCATCF played centrefold, surprising me, honest people and another tune I can't remember, all of which sounded pretty awesome

after that, it was sloan time. we were advised that it was gonna be a short set, between 4 and 8 songs long. they played some cool new tunes (three that I hadn't already recorded; I almost have the whole thing up on youtube and their record only dropped today haha - sloan fan extraordinaire? I think so!) in no particular order, they played believe in me, burn for it, witch's wand, living the dream, down in the basement, I'm not a kid anymore, coax me, the lines you amend and the good in everyone. they did a really safe job, the new stuff sounded fantastic (tighter than the supermarket gig, for sure) and the classics were classic. the crowd was pretty lax so there wasn't too much intense sloaning, mandi and I did our best sloan-fan-handclaps. the guys looked like they were having a good time too, even patrick was smiling. there was this one guy a few rows back that was actually kinda funny, he was shouting stuff at the guys, one time he said "STOOD UP!!" and then later, "PLAY SOMETHING OBNOXIOUS!" and chris started cracking up

after the show was done mandi, me, robbie and chris stuck around to chat with the guys. there were these two cute girls from japan who loved sloan (we thought one of them was this girl, mariko, from sloanmusic.com but it wasn't.) I went up to her and asked who she was and she said her name and she goes "and you are laura! I read your blog all the time, you're sloan's biggest fan!" and I was a little wowed that anyone (especially someone from japan lol) would know me in person. she asked for a photo with me and was really nice, mandi and I told her about the sloan gig at the mod club on thursday (which we're going to). we saw jay and chatted for a while (poppa jay says "laura! no tattoos!), seriously if I wasn't a chris girl I'd be such a jay girl, he's SO nice. definitely a good egg, that one. we chatted with greg really quickly too, but missed chris which was weird cos he told us he'd be back as he was leaving the stage, but we'll see him thursday so not a problem. we saw edwin tending the bar while an edwin song was playing, kind of weird but funny (but mostly sad..the guy goes from being I mother earth lead singer/solo thing to bartending in a place he doesn't own..ah canadian 1990s, how cruel thou art) we hung around for a bit and then called it a night. parallel play: part two on thursday.
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