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The Concert Scene
the kooks 
5th-Jun-2008 02:23 pm
it's me., aw shucks

The Kooks
Kool Haus
Toronto, Ontario

right. so tonight I went to see the kooks play the kool haus with my friends jamie and tabi. it was a pretty awesome time, except for the fact that it was an all ages show and we were surrounded by scene ass 15 year olds :S

I showed up around 3pm and there were already a few kids in line (these few kids multiplied like rabbits though..they brought all their friends to the front of the line) so I sat down and chilled til tabs and jamie arrived. whilst waiting I met the newest kook, dan. he was really nice and a sweetheart and signed my album cover. tabi and jamie showed up with a friend called sharjil who was really cool. we hung out in line and made friends with this really nice australian girl called nadia (who didn't have a ticket but ended up getting guestlisted and buying one anyways). we all chilled and chatted and cringed at all the high school kids who shouldn't have been skipping school to come out to a show. the long and short of it is never see a show at the kool haus if it's all ages and you're planning to be up at the front. it's bad news bears.

they did doors and it was absolute mayhem. somehow we ended up at barricades (well, sharjil, tabi, nadia and jamie did, I was standing behind tabi and nadia and could see clear over their heads so it was fine). the first band, the morning benders came on and they were pretty good..catchy and poppy. they looked pretty young but they did a cool job

there was a bit of time between acts, luckily there was only one supporting band before the kooks. by this point the crowd was getting really rowdy and retarded. there was a lot of pushing and elbowing and stupidity

kooks came on and things got crazy up front. the security team was pulling people out of the crowd constantly cos it got so whack. I got kicked in the head, smashed around, I think I cracked like 27 ribs. basically it wasn't as fun as it should have been. they played a good show (though short? I dunno) and like..I dunno maybe I'm hallucinating but I felt like they played a TON of their old tunes and not so much off the new record? I dunno.

anyways, absolute craziness. I had to punch this guy in the face cos he was being an idiot. the guard standing in front of us was really good and put the fear of God into the people that were being stupid. I was holding onto tabi for dear life and managed to stay with the group. most of the show I was on one foot being pushed around like a rag doll. also, so max left the band in january so they have that new bloke, dan, in..also tonight for some unanswered reason, the drummer, paul, wasn't there either..luke said something about he's off doing his own thing tonight wtf? so they had this fake, peter-kay-in-max-and-paddy-doorman dude playing drums. wtf. paul is my favourite kook and he was missing. very boo. sadly, I was getting murdered so I couldn't take any really good photos and only one video :(

luke took to the crowd and got mauled some'n fierce

after the show was done I ran into about everyone I know..I saw emma who was in the middle somewhere, I swear I saw that johnny guy from newcastle, cynthia, who had told me the night before that she wasn't going, sprang out of nowhere and apparently she and athena got tickets from this guy they went to v-fest with a while ago..I saw this girl janessa and gareth and a bunch of other peeps. we all hung out and slowly made our way home.
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